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Spirt & Dust

From the Back of the Pews to the Head of the Class

 Stories from a community in a segregated Catholic school in Mobile, Alabama

Spirt & Dust

The Message®: Catholic/Ecumenical Edition (paperback)

Eugene Peterson

Make the Bible come alive again or for the first time.

Spirt & Dust

Great Men of the Bible

Martin Pable

Focusing on eleven ‘great’ men from the Bible, Fr. Martin Pable explains their identity, sacred stories, and messages for today’s men.

Spirt & Dust

Faith, Friends, and Other Flotation Devices

Michele Howe

 Each chapter focuses on a single theme—forgiveness, providence, regret, contentment, and more while introducing you to a woman whose experiences shed light on active, faithful living.

Spirt & Dust

Catholic Watershed

Michael P. Cahill

 A truly extraordinary look at how the Catholic Church has changed since the Second Vatican Council told through the experiences of six priests.

Spirt & Dust

The Silent Schism

Brother Louis DeThomasis, FSC
Sister Cynthia A. Nienhaus, CSA

 This challenging book describes the current schism and how to heal it by calling upon both traditionalists and progressives.

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