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Those Who Are Unemployed

July 22, 2011

God of the dawning, God of the night,
you are the eternal sun that brightens our way.
Jesus, Eternal Dayspring, intercede for us,
that we may live in God's light now and forever.
Christ Jesus, during your years as an itinerant teacher, you had nowhere to lay your head. Extend your compassion to all those who suffer the pain of joblessness. Sustain their hope and satisfy their needs.

For all men and women seeking life-sustaining employment:
Help them, Carpenter of Nazareth, to find satisfying work at a just wage.
For victims of downsizing or outsourcing:
May they discover new situations in which to develop and use thier talents.
For all who go hungry or lack shelter while others remain indifferent to their plight:
In your mercy, rescue them and inspire others to assist them, O God.
For those eager to work, whatever their age or circumstances:
Lead them to sustaining work that honors their personal dignity and contributes to society.
For women and men suffering from economic injustice as they seek to support themselves and their families:
Jesus, Just One, bless them with courage, endurance, and relief.
For all those laboring to create a world of equal opportunity for all:
May the Holy Spirit support their quest for a more just distribution of the earth's goods.
Jesus, the forces of greed and corruption inflict suffering on many individuals, families, and societies in our world. As we struggle to understand and deal with a global economy, help us to inform our efforts with the values you taught. Inspire and strengthen us to seek justice, to assist those who are poor or needy, and to be concerned about our neighbors, near and far. We pray that the blessings of work with dignity and fair remuneration will flow upon us all, sisters and brothers in your divine economy. Amen.
May our God renew us in love. Amen.
May our God fill all creation with hope. Amen.
May our God gather all peoples in peace. Amen.