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For the Gift of Life

July 30, 2010

by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
from the book Prayers from Around the World and Across the Ages
by Victor M. Parachin

In the life which wells up in me
and in the matter which sustains me,
I find much more than Your gifts.

It is You Yourself whom I find—
You who makes me participate in Your being,
You who molds me.

Truly in the ruling and in the first disciplining
of my living strength,
in the continually beneficent play of secondary causes,
I touch, as near as possible, the two faces of Your creative action,
and I encounter and kiss Your two marvelous hands—
the one which holds us so firmly that it is merged,
in us, with the sources of life,
and the other whose embrace is too wide that,
at its slightest pressure,
all the spring of the universe
respond harmoniously together.

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